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FORT WASHINGTON, PA (July 9, 2009) - BioStrategy Partners (BioSP) through a generous grant from the Delaware Valley Innovation Network (DVIN) is offering the Life Science Leadership Forum, 7-session seminar courses designed to teach first-time entrepreneurs and scientific founders how to take their life science inventions, patents and products to market. The courses are offered free-of-charge to qualified applicants through the DVIN grant and will be held in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The courses will include classroom lectures, case studies, discussions and networking opportunities on valuable topics for entrepreneurs including but not limited to:
Building Blocks in Growing Your Business Strategy and Risk Considerations Funding: Dilutive versus non-Dilutive Sources in Today’s Economy FIRE - Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Marketing and Communication Fundamentals Preparation and Delivery of Winning Presentations Panel Presentation and Feedback Session
BioSP’s Executive Director, Karen J. Hanson, PhD., will be joined by experienced regional executives and life science thought leaders in teaching the curriculum. BioSP expects interest in participation from local individuals and companies who are in the preseed funding stage and are looking for education and support in order to progress. “BioStrategy Partners is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with committed local leaders to support the tri-state region’s life science community. Life science plays an important role in our region’s economic health. We look forward to these events and many in the future which support local entrepreneurship.” The Forum sessions will be held in August and twice per month in September, October and November and are being hosted at are being hosted at three convenient locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. For more information about the course and participation requirements, please contact Ali Cleveland at or 215.628.9844. Read more about the event here
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