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BioStrategy Partners has an extensive and growing network of professional businesses, legal and financial organizations, research institutes, universities and economic development agencies that address all aspects of a growing life science company’s business and technology needs. 

BioStrategy Partners assists innovative young companies by making introductions and supporting the formation of essential and beneficial business-to-business relationships within the regional business community to enhance each company’s chances of success at the earliest stages and also to foster the formation of long-term professional relationships.

BioStrategy Partners’ member service providers are professionals who provide ”real world” expertise to young companies and inexperienced CEOs on a low-cost, high-quality basis. Compensation arrangements vary, but in all cases are geared to the reality of pre-revenue companies. 

BioStrategy Partners offers a broad range of services to early stage and concept-stage life sciences companies:

Technology—access to researchers and regional academic and research institutions

Financial—accounting and CFO services, regional economic development investment programs, mini-grants and grant writing assistance

Business—access to a growing network of professional service providers

  • Corporate legal
  • Intellectual property
  • Technology transfer
  • Business development and business strategy, licensing
  • Marketing/communications/public relations
  • Banking
  • HR
  • IT
  • CRO/clinical services/clinical regulatory services
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Product design/manufacturing/distribution
  • Real estate, office and laboratory space
  • Insurance

Workforce—workforce development programs and subsidized interns

Economic Developmenttax credits, preferred access to state grants, loan programs, facilities advice


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