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A BioStrategy Partners program providing a continuum of services and infrastructure to emerging and early-stage life science companies in the Philly North community


The BioLaunch611+ Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) is a BioStrategy Partners program that provides professional services to advance existing and newly forming KIZ companies to achieve their next level of development or commercialization. The KIZ program assists founders and first-time CEOs as well as principal investors in our partnering institutions of higher education with business and technology development through our extensive network of expert volunteers, private and public partner institutions and professional service providers who work one-on-one with each company on a reduced fee or deferred compensation basis. 

The KIZ and its parent organization, BioStrategy Partners specialize in providing high quality, individualized assistance to entrepreneurs and founders of very young companies. No company or technology concept is “too early” for our assistance and services.

The KIZ program educates, guides and prepares client companies to understand and meet the requirements of the next stage of investors including venture capitalists, angels and economic development agencies such as Ben Franklin Technology Partners and the Pennsylvania Life Sciences Greenhouses. 

The foundation and starting point of the KIZ program is the Diligence Program, a hallmark service of BioStrategy Partners that provides assistance with planning and start-up business development. Certain KIZ Companies may receive additional services through the Corporate Development Program, which offers a higher level of “hands-on” assistance and management training. Partnering institutions of higher education can take advantage of the Commercialization Germinator for technologies with commercialization potential.

We do not take equity for our services; we rely upon grants, sponsorships, fees, and earned income to support our operations.

Key Contacts

Karen J. Hanson, Ph.D., Executive Director, BioStrategy Partners

Maureen O'Leary, Ph.D., Diligence Program Director

Maureen Waddington General Inquiries, Administrator 


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